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Finding the right security system to protect your home doesn’t need to be difficult, costly, or time consuming.

The ultimate peace of mind

Having an intruder break into your home does not just result in the loss of personal property, but also the sense of security and sanctuary that your home once provided.

The good news is, finding the right security system to protect your home doesn’t need to be difficult, costly, or time consuming.

Whether it’s keeping an eye on your property while you’re away on holiday, out for the afternoon, or sleeping at night, our reliable and easy to use systems help to prevent crime, warn of danger and enable easy communication between you and the appropriate help, all to ensure you can rest easy.

Our systems fit any circumstance

Every one of our customers is different with varying expectations and requirements of their security system. However, one thing’s for sure, whatever our customers need, we’ll have the right product for the job.

No landline? No problem, we can use GPRS so you can still have a monitored system.

Pets and animals? We’d recommend one of our advanced motion sensors, which can detect the difference between human and animal motion. 

Not tech-savvy? We offer an annual maintenance check for all of our customers, to ensure the systems are in full working order, so you don’t have to.

Our systems are easy to use 

Did you know that more than 90% of false alarms from security systems are caused by user error? 

Our Bosch solutions are designed to be simple to use. The code pad prompts and guides you with words to show the current system status and displays the time and date when not in use. 

And you can turn your system on with one touch of your code pad! 

The code pads come in black or white, so blend into any home decor and when an alarm occurs we’ll notify you according to the specific instructions your gave us on set up. Easy.

Our systems are cost-effective

We use the highest quality Bosch products on the market, to ensure reliability and peace of mind and our long standing relationship with Bosch, means we benefit from a special pricing structure and can pass that cost saving onto you.

"We engaged Security Enterprises to install a security system and a video intercom for our new residence. The work was carried out to a high standard. Security Enterprises also monitors our investment 24/7. Dale and his staff always respond promptly and professionally to any of our requests regarding administration or billing. The system is serviced annually by qualified staff."
John & Jenny
Residential Customers

Upgrade your home security today

Upgrading or installing an alarm system in your home could mean you’re eligible for a discount on your home insurance, contact your provider to find out more.