Monitor your property anytime, anywhere

Access footage in real-time from your mobile or PC, or review from stored archives, to guarantee 24/7 peace of mind. 

Bespoke surveillance systems to deter the criminals

Security Cameras act as a powerful deterrent and can provide invaluable assistance to police if a crime is committed.

We can create a bespoke solution that enables you to control the amount of footage stored, as well as the option of infrared and thermal systems and facial or vehicle license plate recognition.

If you’re not sure which camera is right for your property, just get in touch and one of our expert team will be happy to advise.

I need a security camera that…

Works well in low light

Ask for our high performance digital colour security cameras, which create the best possible image, even under the most difficult light and scene conditions.

These surveillance cameras provide excellent sensitivity with extended dynamic range, providing better colour images in low light situations and sharper daytime images and the most accurate colour possible.

Perfect for badly lit areas, particularly within urban or sheltered settings. Also good if long range footage is required.

Is easy to set up and operate

Ask for our ‘Hikvision’ security cameras, which are supplied ready to operate. Simply attach and focus the lens, and connect power to provide top quality imagery,  under virtually all scene conditions.

To aid installation, the camera automatically detects the lens type, and using the Lens Wizard ensures accurate focusing for perfectly sharp pictures at all times.

Perfect for smaller businesses or home use, where ease and simplicity of use are the main priority.

Is durable and weather resistant

Ask for the ‘8MP WDR Vari-focal Network Dome’ camera. It is the ultimate solution for virtually any indoor or outdoor surveillance.

They are high-performance and vandal-resistant, with Day/Night capability and are protected against water and dust. They also come fully assembled, making installation quick and easy.

Perfect for schools, banks, prisons, parking garages, retail and industrial buildings, where protection against vandalism is a must.

Specs and Models

If you’re looking to dig a little deeper, here’s our collection of top of the range security cameras. Whatever you might need, from projection against fuel theft, to monitoring staff, or piece of mind at home; we’ve got the right camera for you.

Mini Pan Tilt

Ideal for open office spaces where you can control the pan and tilt of the camera.

2MP Darkfighter PTZ

Excellent in dark conditions, has auto tracking feature, suits commercial premises, car yards, schools, hospitals.

8MP Mini Bullet

Available with range of fixed lens to suit any application.

8MP Mini Dome

Available with range of fixed lens sizes, suits residential premises either indoor or outdoor.

8MP WDR Vari-focal Network Bullet

Brilliant outdoor camera suits residential or commercial premises, factories, farms, sheds.

8MP WDR Vari-focal Network Dome

 Brilliant outdoor camera suits residential or commercial premises, factories, farms, sheds.

8MP Network Turret Camera

Available with range of fixed lens sizes, suits residential or small business offices.

8MP WDR Vari-focal Network Turret

A camera that suits indoor/outdoor, residential or commercial, small business offices

Install a surveillance system today

We can set everything up so you can view the footage from your home pc, all you need is a broadband internet connection.