We’ve got an alarm system for every type of property

No two premises are ever the same and that’s why we offer a range of models and products to suit every situation.

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Our security systems use the latest technology, with sleek designs, advanced motion sensors, GSM backup if the phone line is cut and auto-arming features, so you’re sure to find the one that’s right for you. 

I need an alarm that…

Is a great all-rounder

Ask for one of our basic alarm systems, with up to 8 detection devices, internal & external sirens, which sound for a programmed period (usually 5 minutes) and a flashing strobe light.

You can choose whether the system is monitored by our control room or not, perfect for residential and small businesses.

Allows for wireless control

Ask for our wireless control system, with up to 8x wireless detection devices, 2x remote keyfobs, a hardwired keypad and sirens and connection to your telephone line for communication with our monitoring control room. 

If an alarm activates, the sirens sound for a programmed period (usually 5 minutes) and the strobe light will continue to flash until system is disarmed.  

Our control room will act according to your instructions, this system is perfect for larger businesses, with key staff members who will have power to set the alarm. 

Offers the highest possible security

A GPRS communications module can be fitted to any alarm system to give it higher security communications to the monitoring control room. The GPRS module is polled periodically, checking that your system is online. 

A telephone line is not required for this system and it is the perfect addition for high risk premises, such as banks, jewellery stores and ATM’s 

"McHugh Steel have been using Dale and the team from Security Enterprises for our Security system and Cameras for 7 years. McHugh Steel been very happy with our security system, prompt response time and after sales service."
Sonja Pressler-McHugh

I need a sensor that…

Won’t be activated by non-human targets

Ask for our Blue Line detector, this top-of-the-line technology intelligently analyses motion and differentiates human targets from other sources of motion, such as a moving plant, your family pet or a guard dog, so you only handle valid alarms.

Will work in adverse conditions 

Our Blue Line detector will also adjust to their environment. Compensating for temperature fluctuations to guarantee top quality performance, regardless of the room conditions. 

The detector is also sealed to prevent air or insects from entering, even in the most rural settings.

Offers double protection

Ask for our PIR detectors, with two sensors in one unit. Both PIR’s must signal for an alarm to be activated.  

Perfect if you have regular motion in one part of the room that would cause a standard, single detector to alarm repeatedly.

Deter the crooks.
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All our alarms and sensors use advanced technology and the best products on the market and our team of experts will always ensure that the equipment you choose is a right fit for your property.